How Many Faces Can You Fit in a Tree Trunk…

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How Many Faces Can You Fit in a Tree Trunk…

Having fun…tree style. How many images can you fit into the canvas of a tree trunk? That seems to be the light-hearted game being played in this tree.


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Sometimes the nature beings like to have fun and challenge themselves to fashion, on their particular canvas of tree trunk or rock, multiple images that morph into each other. This may be the tree spirit itself who may be joined by the nature beings who live around him/her. The game challenge differs – it could be creating different stories in different areas or showing different beings who intrigue the spirits. The goal is to create very clear images – in nature being terms. This old tree has done a fine job!

I often wonder what inner drive is present in a tree who chooses to undertake such a project while all those around him are quiet. It must be like humans – some are driven to be artists and express themselves and stand out in a crowd, each in their own unique way.

This tree lives on the wood edge of the property of the Baptist Church that is located next to the Brandywine Battlefield Historic Park, Chadds Ford, PA

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