About Atala Toy

Images in trees and rocks – are they glitches in a tree’s bark, a rock’s crevices – or are they glitches in the veils separating human being and nature being dimensions?

Glitches in computer processing sometimes create aesthetic disruptions. The art world looked at these occurrences and began exploring the glitches that occur in our environment and our society.  The name for these explorations is Glitch Art, which has branches into Glitch Ecology Art and Glitch Eco-Art.

I have been photographically exploring such eco-art “glitches” for over twenty years. I see these glitches as portals into the nature beings’ realms. I view my work as offering humans an easily accessible artistic entry point into the sophisticated intricacies of nature beings’ societies.

Nature beings work with the living energy of earth. This includes shaping natural matter, such as rocks and trees, into living artistic and commemorative records. Sometimes this work is so grounded into the earth that it can be seen in the denser human dimensions. To see them, it is a simple matter of familiarizing yourself with this phenomena and giving yourself permission to – see. I hope my eco-art photography familiarizes you with these “glitches” – these interdimensional portals.

My photographic studies have been featured in one-person shows, juried group gallery shows, stores and galleries and have received photographic awards. I lecture and lead field workshops on this topic

Atala Toy

My books on nature beings and interdimensional communication include We Are Not Alone – A Guidebook to Interdimensional CooperationNature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts – How to Talk With and Photograph Beings of Other Realms; and Truths the Nature Beings Have Shown Me.

You can join in my visual nature beings conversations on Instagram and share your own images at the private Facebook Group I host – Nature Beings Around the World.

Professional Profile

I am a nature beings photographer and interdimensional communicator whose career dates back to 1995. I am, and have been, an author, educator, photographer, product designer, retail business owner and community activist. I have presented on interdimensional topics at annual conventions, offered workshops for organizations, and have appeared on tv and radio shows. In late 2021 I moved from Geneva, IL to Kennett Square, PA.

Career Summary

Atala Toy Nature Beings Photography 2003 –

Activist for the recognition of nature beings as authentic sentient lifeforms with equal rights to the use of Earth resources. Drawing on an ever-increasing photographic body of work (tens of thousands of images to date), published books and workshops, I teach others how to communicate with and photograph these beings, and I host public venues by which these photographs can be seen and shared.

Crystal Life Technology, Inc. 1995-2020 (retired)

Founding President of a wholistic lifestyle company with over $3 million in international lifetime sales, a large educational and products-oriented website (www.crystal-life.com) and a brick & mortar store in Geneva, IL.

Infinity Foundation, Highland Park, IL 2005-

Annual workshop leader for various topics connected to spiritual development. Since 2012 this has included annual ½ to 2 day workshops with field trips on the topic of communicating with and photographing nature beings.

Workshop Leader

I offer lectures and workshops for organizations on spiritual values, interdimensional cooperation and nature beings photography. Hosts include: Infinity Foundation, American Society of Dowsers, Theosophical Society of America, United States Psychotronics Association, ISIC (Institute for the Study of Interdimensional Cooperation), Barrington Chamber of Commerce, St Charles Chamber of Commerce, INATS (International New Age Trade Shows) 1995 –

Community Service

Chairperson, Downtown Merchants Association, Geneva, IL 2016-2019

Chairperson, Business Improvement & Retention Committee, City of Geneva. 2013-2016

Nature Spirit Photography Contest. Via Crystal Life, I sponsored an annual international contest where people submitted their photographs of nature beings (over 600 a year in submissions), we selected ten best for awards and exhibiting at Crystal Life. 2011-2017

Vice President, Board of Directors, American Society of Dowsers, 2008-2011

Founding President, ISIC – Institute for the Study of Interdimensional Cooperation – 1995-2016


Truths the Nature Beings Have Shown Me. 2021. Self-published photographic book

Nature Spirits in American Trees. 2013. Self-published photographic book

Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides & Ghosts: How to Talk with and Photograph Beings of Other Realms. Quest Books. 2012

We Are Not Alone: A Complete Guide to Interdimensional Cooperation. Red Wheel/Weiser. 2010

Journal of the American Society of Dowsers. Articles on various aspects of dowsing, energy work and interdimensional communication. 2006-2012

Exhibits & Awards

My nature spirit photography has been awarded recognition at juried shows and I have been invited to present one-person shows.

Solo Exhibits

Trees and Rocks. Crosslands, Kennett Square, PA. One-person show May-June 2022

Silent Sky. Steel Beam Theatre, St. Charles, IL. 2018. One-person show for Spring Season

Nature Spirits. A Garden of Nature Exhibit Hall, Wasco Garden Center, Wasco, IL. 2017 Spring Season

Atala Toy, Tree Whisperer. Geneva Public Library. 2015

Crystal Life Technology, Inc. On-going in-store gallery carrying my photographs, art cards and photo-bearing household products. 2015- Also my handcrafted jewelry. 1995-2020

Photography Awards

Second Place. Bloomingdale Art Museum, Bloomingdale, IL. 2019

Honorable Mention. Norris Art Gallery, St. Charles, IL. 2018

Best of Show. Natural History Museum, Sycamore, IL. 2017

Product Design Awards

Runner Up, Best Website – COVR (Coalition of Visionary Resources)  2002

Runner Up, Aroma Products/Personal Transformation – COVR. 2002

Social Media 2004 –

Blogging on Nature Beings topics

Crystal-life.com, host. Simultaneously released on various social media platforms including Facebook,

Instagram and Pinterest. Archived in company Library. 2004-2021

Atalatoy.com, host. Simultaneously released on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Archived at atalatoy.com 2020-

Social Media Outlets

Instagram – atala-toy-nature-beings. 2017-

Facebook – Truths the Nature Beings Have Shown Me – Page – Comments and photos of nature beings. 2011-

Facebook – Nature Beings Around the World – Closed group where people share their photographs of nature beings. 2014-

Facebook – Atala Toy, Author & Photographer – Page where people can contact me and I post my photographs and thoughts. 2010 –

Facebook – Crystal Life Technology – Page with postings of company product, my photos. 2004-2020

Pinterest – Atala Toy Nature Beings Photography. 2017-

Etsy Store – NatureBeingsPhotos 2014 –

Videos & Radio Interviews. 2004 –

YouTube Channel, Crystal Life Technology. Channel carries videos of company product and of my talks on a variety of spiritual topics, including nature beings photography.

Radio and cable TV interviews including for Infinity Foundation, X-Zone, Empower Radio. 2011 –

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