About Atala Toy

I am an Eco Artist, nature beings photographer, art historian and inter-dimensional communicator. I seek out and photograph the images placed in trees and rocks by artists and life forms of other realms.

As an Eco Artist, I am focused on transforming human awareness by providing clear, detailed images of nature beings and their activities.

As a nature beings photographer, I am very grateful for the technical advances in digital photography and post processing that now permit us to record images in frequencies once beyond existing scientific tools. 

As a trained art historian, I am interested in understanding the techniques the nature beings are using for their work, the cultural environment surrounding the artwork, what the artist is seeking to present, and the mastery level of the artist.

Atala Toy

As an interdimensional communicator and energy worker, I ask: How many different dimensions are at work here? Do the methods differ? What does the gross physical reality of these art works tell us about the complexity of our planet’s existence? How can I meet these artists, converse with them, and understand more deeply exactly what I am photographing?

We are on our way to a new earth cycle of consciousness.

We humans live in a multi-dimensional world without classifying it as such. We talk to our pets, our deceased loved ones, the angels, the plants in our yards. This is acceptable so long as we state to others that we are “imagining” that we are conversing. Like so many of us, I lived like this for many years, until a friendly gnome made his presence so clearly known that I had to accept and step over into another way of understanding.

I still, for many years after, was very careful how I framed my communications. But, fortunately, society is changing. We are progressing upward in a long earth cycle of consciousness; we are becoming more aware. The current activism on behalf of minority groups of all kinds, and our Western empirical research into neural minorities, traditional societies and sacred ecology, is opening the way for those with differing perceptions and abilities to be accepted as part of the “norm.”

This website is a riddle and an on-going conversation about our human existence, and potential participation, in a rich earth environment. The riddle: how many dimensions do we humans co-exist with? The conversation: Are the natural rules that govern their existence different from our human ones? How can we live in harmony and respect with these other realms that we humans are becoming aware of? The documentation: visual photographic specimens that we humans can see and grow to understand.

I have authored four books on interdimensional subjects: We Are Not Alone – A Guidebook to Interdimensional CooperationNature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts – How to Talk With and Photograph Beings of Other RealmsNature Spirits in American Trees; and Truths the Nature Beings Have Shown Me.

You can join in my visual nature beings conversations on Instagram and share your own images at the private Facebook Group I host – Nature Beings Around the World.

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