Three Friends

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Three Friends

Three friends – a bear, a happy nature spirit and a pirate – have been manifested in a Redwood Tree located in the Redwood National Forest near San Francisco, CA. The spirits used the medium of burls to express their energies..

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Toy Boys at Redwoods

These three friends are located in the Redwood National Forest, California. I met them while on a walk with my two grown sons, Steven and Brian, during a Christmas holiday. Steve and Brian had preceded me on our walk – I was lagging behind taking photos – and as I came to this clearing Brian nonchalantly said “Hey, Mom. You should check over here!” What a find. Brian has found me some of my best images, on our various walks together!

Like many Redwoods, at some time this tree had been in a forest fire, and you can see some of its charred wood. But out of that disaster, these three friends emerged. New life out of disaster – it is a recurring theme in nature. When the awful occurs, nature just picks itself up and starts anew.

Be Happy!

The important thing is to always be happy in yourself, no matter what occurs. Many of the well-defined beings I’ve photographed have that quality about themselves. They have usually manifested on an older tree – one who has experienced the turning of the seasons over and over and knows that the wheel forever spins! Up or down – it’s always changing. Just “Be Happy!” no matter what.

In this Redwood, we find three spirit energies. Lower is a bear, above that is a smiling round-faced nature spirit and facing right is the profile of a pirate, complete with dark headband. These three energies have banded together to survive and protect each other across dimensions. The bear totem intersects with the earth nature realm of animals, the fairy spirit intersects with the fairy realm of spirit guardians, and the pirate bravely and with swagger faces human world danger and fights on!

To the right are my two sons inside a giant redwood.

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