Jamaican Nature Spirit

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Jamaican Nature Spirit

This African-featured nature being lives in a Poinciana tree in Jamaica, West Indies. He has a headdress/familiar who is an elephant image – a universal, and African, image of strength and community.

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Poinciana Tree-Jamaica WI

I was visiting with family at their home in Jamaica, W.I. This tree, on the driveway entering the community, kept calling on me to come visit.

This nature being has African features and his head is fully surrounded by elephant spirit. This is his “familiar” – his protector – and it calls forth all the power, strength and courage of this African animal.

He also is masked, as are many of the warrior wood elves, and has many of the energies associated with the Greenmen. So I have not yet been able to pinpoint exactly what type of nature being this gentleman is.

There are some prominent Jamaican/African business people living in this area, and many Jamaican/African staff people pause under this shady tree as they travel back and forth from their jobs.

Elephant strength is an energetic web of energy that travels around the world. I’ve written about elephant images I’ve found in this article

There are a lot of images in this happy tree, which I’ve graphed below. You can read about them in my article on this poinciana tree

Jamaican Tree Spirit Diagram

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