It’s Party Time in Jamaica WI!

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It’s Party Time! A whole group of life forms are gathered to party, in this Poinciana tree who lives at a fork in the road in Jamaica, WI

Poinciana Tree-Jamaica WI

Jamaica Spirit

















This fun-loving tree has stood at this location for many generations of humans, beginning back when local transportation was more by donkey than by car. The tree stands at a fork where the servants for many of the well-to-do homes in this gated community (where residents of many nationalities live) would have walked and gathered, waiting for transportation home or to work. 

Jamaican Spirit diagram

They would have been in good spirits, conversing with friends, and this good humor shows. The tree’s own spirit beings, and those of the devas of the area, have sculpted quite a variety of beings – see the diagram to the left. 

There’s a Jamaican Greenman, looking right, with African features and an elephant familiar as his protector hat. Looking left is a Jamaican lady with headwrap and earring. Above left is a nature spirit. Mid-center are two donkeys. Lower right is a Caucasian human and a hooded wood elf.

The tree represents the spirit of all the inhabitants of this area and so, on the other side of the tree, is a spirit image of a kindly peaceful nature spirit of the area.

Poinciana Tree Spirit

Poinciana Tree Spirit

I have enjoyed visiting with this tree on various of my visits to Jamaica. He has seen, observed, loved and recorded the various energies of those who pass him by or stop to rest, over many many years and many many rotations of human life forms.



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