Ice Giant

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Ice Giant

This Ice Giant is accompanied by his familiar, an elephant who is protecting his back. They manifested in the winter ice at the 80’ waterfall located in St. Louis Canyon, Starved Rock State Park, Illinois.

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Winter snow and ice brings forth Nature Spirits who exist only for the duration of the cold. They are the winter version of summer’s flower spirits who exist only for the life of their specific flower.

This Ice Giant is over 15′ tall. He manifests each winter at the 80′ tall St. Louis Falls, Starved Rock, Illinois. He is somber and helmeted. He looks like a weary soldier resting on the battlefield, ice shards like swords all around. Perhaps he is the energy of the water, which has travelled a long route through many territories before ending in this sheltered canyon.

Protecting the ice giant’s back is his familiar – a helmeted elephant with a long nose and sharp tusk.

You can see the size of this ice giant duo in comparison to the humans in the horizontal photograph below.

I find the world-wide elephant grid very rich in its variety and personalities. See my blog on Elephant Strength. One of elephant energy’s qualities is it military strength and courage. Elephants were a prized, and helmeted, war vehicle in ancient India; see the helmet in this image, and in the other blog’s photo of a helmeted elephant at Machu Picchu. Also in that blog, elephant energy can be more benignly protective as in the image of a Jamaican Greenman; or playful as in the image of elephant and mouse at Island Park.

This ice giant duo lives at Starved Rock State Park , an area of steep canyons and waterfalls located in Northern Illinois’ otherwise flat landscape. It is a favorite hiking area for the Chicago area. I particularly enjoy the very active nature spirits of the area. It also has a rich interdimensional element to it – the veils between worlds are very thin in this region!


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