Raven | The Clearing

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Raven | The Clearing

This massive root structure resembles a raven in flight. Ravens are associated with rulers and wisdom. This raven is located near the Council Ring at The Clearing, Ellison Bay, Wisconsin.

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A cedar tree raven presides over a path leading to the Council Ring at The Clearing Folk School, WI. He has huge spreading wings and all the majesty of one of Odin’s three ravens, who are sent out each morning to track the events of the mortal realms. Beneath his wings is an old cedar stump with the image of a man in a hat seen full face (and looking remarkably like Jens Jensen, founder of the school). Beneath his head is another head seen sideways.

Council Ring, WI

The Council Ring is an outdoor stone area where famed architect and school founder Jens Jensen would meet with others to hold council, especially when spiritual or grounding clarity was needed for major decisions.

The Clearing Folk School was founded by Jens Jensen, one of the premier Chicago landscape architects who helped develop many of the natural sites around this area of the Midwest. It is a residential folk school where you can stay for a few days or a week, take some top level workshops in various crafts, enjoy a spiritual retreat – and some excellent home cooking…and the opportunity to explore the wild grounds that hug the coastline cliffs of Lake Superior.

CLICK HERE to read more about the Council Ring area.

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