Chinese Scholar

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Chinese Scholar

This venerable Chinese Scholar is only 4 inches tall but helps hold deep wisdom energy from his cedar stump, located near the Council Ring at The Clearing Folk School, Door County, Wisconsin.

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Raven | The Clearing

I was focused on getting a good photograph of a giant tree raven – messenger of Odin himself – who was overseeing the nearby Council Ring at The Clearing, WI. The Council Ring is the location where the folk art school’s staff would sometimes meet to make important decisions; it was established by the architect Jens Jensen himself.

While I was busy admiring and photographing all this grandeur, a small voice kept insisting I go smaller and look at him. At last I listened, and studied where the voice was coming from. See that stump the raven is looking at? On the right side of the stump is a verrrry tiny image of a distinguished Oriental philosopher – so small you can’t even see him from this long view. However, although he is small – when focused on, I saw that in his world he was very large and greatly venerated. He deserved his own photographic study.

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