Cosmic Mayan Family

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Cosmic Mayan Family

Seen high up on Mt Lemmon, AZ is this very large tableau celebrating family. You see, spread out sleeping, a very large woman, her husband and between them their small child.

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Mayan Family Diagram

Here is a memorial commemorating family. It is located below Windy Point, Mt. Lemmon, AZ. It far pre-dates the construction of the road and the plaza.

On one side of the plaza is a tall figure of a seated man – an effigy in some interdimensional realm.

Below the plaza is this sculptural site. The male is shown the far right, naked and his penis extremely prominent. This indicates his role as a fertility energy is very strong.

Windy Point Family

On the left is a large female form. She wears a typical Native American long dress with a decorative fringe around the top overlay piece. You can see here, in the far larger size of the woman, the value that is placed on her role in this story. She is the one who carries the future inside her.

Between the man and the woman, and protected by them, is a small child. Thus this tableau honors love and fertility.

You can read my intergalactic interpretation of this scene by clicking HERE

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