Portal to the Wee Peoples’ World

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Portal to the Wee Peoples’ World

If you want entry into the world of the Wee People, you need to pass this portal guardian. He watches over a gateway, located at the Winterthur Museum and Gardens, DE. Guardians of gateways make sure that only those beings with the appropriate good reason can cross over a dimensional wall. You can discuss this matter with him – he is benign when approached in a spirit of ahimsa (non-harm).

More Information

Wee People Portal Tree – Winterthur

This portal into the Wee Peoples’ world resides on a large open hill filled with tall beech, oak and tulip trees. The ground is kept open of underbrush, by Winterthur’s human gardeners. It is a very active site for gatherings in the nature beings’ realms.

Portal for Wee People World

This guardian has his race’s typical long pointed triangular head, with a beard below and behind his chin. His people are crafty, smart and fast-moving.

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