Orb at Warrior Rock

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Orb at Warrior Rock

I could hear but in the darkness of the cave could not see this being, who asked me to take a photo of it.

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I could hear but in the darkness of the cave could not see this orb being, who asked me to take a photo of him/her and the scene. The life form was quite insistent, so I obliged and took a photo. I only saw the orb in post-processing.

Notice the face inside the orb. You can see some sort of headdress, eyes, nose and open mouth. Notice the reflection of the orb on the wall to the left just behind it, verification that this life form has substance.

When looking at the difference between a spot on your lens and a genuine orb life form, you need to see if there is detail of some kind inside the image, as there is here. There is also a strong spirit presence in this orb. Exactly what the camera captured is open to interpretation. It is a life form, but from where and exactly what is it? Any orb experts among our readers who care to offer comments?

A Tuberculosis Retreat

I took this photo on a tour through Mammoth Cave, Kentucky.  The cave has an interesting history. At some point in the late 1800s – early 1900s, it was a medical living area for tuberculosis patients. The belief was that the cave’s atmosphere was conducive to a better quality of life for these people.

The caves themselves are beautiful. They also have a strong spirit presence. This includes but is not limited to the spirits of some who passed away inside the caves.

Native American Battles

The caves were also used by Native Americans, long ago, and artifacts of that occupation have been found. The large stone on the right is called Warrior Rock. The tour guide explained that there was a battle among tribes that had occurred by the rock, hence its name. There are also Indian spirits in the area.

What Are Orbs?

I myself cannot say definitively exactly what the orb phenomena is that digital cameras are able to capture. A provable orb (v dust or rain drops) is one that has some density and some internal form, either of light, geometry or body part. I believe the orbs to be the auric field of life forms existing in other dimensions who have entered into ours enough to be seen by the camera. If we could see even more clearly, we would see the form of the being and not just its auric field. I also believe that some orbs we humans see are plasma vehicles permitting life forms from other parts of the galaxy to travel about.

Various photo captures help us understand the reality of other realms co-existing with ours and validate a person feeling, seeing or hearing the presence of beings others cannot see. Some people are simply more sensitive to other frequencies.

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