Old Lady and the Tree Spirit

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Old Lady and the Tree Spirit

This tree has been enjoying senior citizens walking the path beside its home for many years. He enjoys their energy, and has manifested a gentle elderly woman with a hair bun at his third eye.

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The woods at the Kendal-Crosslands Community in Kennett Square, PA are filled with gentle, aware trees who work in a spirit of cooperation with the Quaker-oriented residents. This tree has manifested this energy as an image filling his third-eye area. It is of a gentle elderly woman with her hair tied into a top-knot.

The tree has a wide mouth, indicating his own open, generous nature. He also has a somewhat fierce protective energy, as though intent on protecting the gentle woman.

This scene represents the comfortable relationship of nature and human that exists in this community. The tree lives at an intersection of a woodland path.

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