Moss Fairy’s Home

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Moss Fairy’s Home

Can you see the shy moss fairy, who is at the top right, peeking at us from under a root? He has dark hair, a pink shirt and white pants. He’s wondering who’s photographing his tree root house! A gnome took me on a photo outing one day, and we visited this moss fairy village deep in the New Hampshire woods.

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The shy moss fairy
Peaks out behind a root
Who is that giant
Sitting at his door

Moss Fairy Close Up


Dressed in a pink shirt and white pants, with dark tousled hair, this small nature being ran out as he heard me and the gnome come near. Now he peeks out to see who is visiting his village.

This was my first photographic outing for nature spirits. It was also my first time consciously communicating with the gnome who’d set up house at my summer cottage in New Hampshire.

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