Happy Dog

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Happy Dog

This is a happy dog, living in a beautiful setting along the back entrance to the famous haunted Stanly Hotel, Estes Park, Co. He is quite the lover of beauty so is pleased to oggle the voluptuous Venus, who he gazes at 24/7 in the cliffs across from his home.

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Venus of the Rocks

I took a Ghost Tour of the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado and one of the stories is how the original owner in later life would occasionally bring ladies of ill repute to visit with him, traveling the back entrance to – shhhh – maintain appearances.

So on my explorations of this interesting locale (it featured in Stephen King’s The Shining), I was very amused to find that the Nature Spirits had recreated their own tableau of the elderly man’s Victorian Era shenanigans.

The product photo shows the smiling dog – to the right is the voluptuous Venus he stares at all the time.

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Stanley Hotel

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