Happy Couple

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Happy Couple

The bride has a lovely fern tiara and is carrying a bouquet while the groom wears a fancy hat, as they stand ready for the wedding ceremony, which is being held at Spruce Burl Trail, Washington State.

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Just your ordinary, everyday guy and his gal…tying the knot!

This happy couple is all decked out and ready for the ceremony. The bride wears a lovely fern tiara and carries a bouquet. The groom wears a fancy hat. Meanwhile, down at their roots….it looks like the happy couple has already been schmoozing. The guy has extended  his roots over and around the female, and is snuggling with her…

Happy Couple – Close Up

A statement from the nature spirits about the happiness of new love, commitment, and the underlying connections that make it all happen.

Done with a sense of humor…and a commitment to holding in place a specific energy…how long have they been holding this energy, in their long lives?

This couple lives at the Spruce Burl Trail in Washington State. This enclave is filled with portrait studies from the sinister to the amusing. The nature spirits definitely have a sense of humor and have been enjoying themselves immensely in this trail area, which borders the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean.

This couple would fit in well at Disney World – they remind me of Minnie Mouse and a character who’d fit in well in “Toy Story”!


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