Guardian Angel for the Birds

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Guardian Angel for the Birds

We all have a guardian angel – even the birds. Here a large bird angel watches over an image of a bird, at Black Partridge Woods, Lemont, IL. Both the tree angel and the tree bird are portals by which birds move between spirit and matter.

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This tree is a promise by the angels to protect the birds who live at the Black Partridge Woods, Lemont, Illinois.

I was aware something was going on here because, while photographing some other tree spirits in a field to the right of this scene, the nature spirits kept calling me to hike a bit farther out and look at another tree. There was nothing on the side facing me. When I got there and looked on the other side, I didn’t see these images at first.

However, the nature spirits for this tree really wanted their story told, and energetically would not let me leave my spot before them.  So I centered and began to “manually” adjust my vision until I was resting in this tree’s frequency.

Bird Angel Tree

“OMG!” I said. “Why did I not see how amazing you are!”

It’s like that with nature spirits, each frequency has its own stories, waiting to be told to someone who will listen and see into their world.

So, in keeping with my energetic “contract” to photograph any nature spirit wishing to share its story with humans….I began photographing this wonderful tree from many angles.

I love how angels appear to each life form in whatever visage is most acceptable – in this case, a bird angel for a bird!

Both these images are also portals, and the angel and the bird are the portal guardians. That means, if you energetically receive permission and choose to go through the doors, you will enter into the dimensions these guardians protect.

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