Face on a Wall

The nature beings painted a face in the old plaster of a ruin wall.

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Ruin at Harlan Glen

On the wall of an old ruin the nature beings crafted a plaster portrait. This is their portrait study of a country fellow with “common” features and long hair. Above his head is a wisdom flame.

The ruins of this old stone mill sit beside a pond at Harlan Glen, Kennett Square, PA. It’s a scenic site people enjoy visiting – very peaceful and serene, the mill’s commercial work now long done.

Peaceful Energies

Like many of the spirit portraits the nature beings have crafted in this area, the man has long hair – a hearkener back to the pioneer times of the 1700s when devout Quakers settled here seeking the freedom to pursue their peaceful religious ideals. They lived close to the land and embraced a simple, heart-centered lifestyle. This energy has permeated the land, with earth and the nature beings crafting events of that era in trees and rocks.

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