Castle Rock

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Castle Rock

A female chac mul (fertility goddess) facing right stares at a canyon beyond and holds an offering in her lap basin; a male figure in a Mexican hat faces left on a section of cliff ending with a natural lingam. The site, located along Route 94 in Wisconsin, is energetically linked to the temple at Chichen-Itza, Mexico.

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Castle Rock is situated just off busy Rte 94 in Wisconsin, between Mauston and Tomah and on the way from Chicago to Minneapolis. This site has a long history of use by various peoples, primarily as a military staging area in a fairly flat landscape. It originated as an island in a once-inland glacial lake.

The figure on the left is another of the cosmic Mayan profiles with hat. It ends with a lingam – a phallic symbol indicating fertility and divine protection. There is a long empty midriff section in-between.

The figure on the right is a Mayan chacmool – the reclining human figure seen in ancient Mexican temples, where sacrificial offerings were made to appease the gods. (See the chacmool at the Chichen Itza temple, below right.)

There is an offering in the Castle Rock chacmool’s midriff vessel. E.g. – the human is offering something to fill the god’s empty midriff area.

To the right is a chacmool on the temple plaza at Chichen Itza, Mexico.

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