Wood Elf Merchant

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Wood Elf Merchant

This merchant wood elf is a representative of the merchant class of nature beings. He serves on an area Council where nature beings of all the local realms brings matters of dispute for a binding settlement.

More Information

A Council Tree is where matters of dispute in the nature being realms are brought to be settled. Petitioners appear before a court composed of representatives of various of the local nature spirit groups and energies.

Elf Tree

This Council Tree, located on the property of one of the town founders, features two elves representing two different classes of their species – a Prince, who serves as the presiding judge; and this merchant class elf.

You can see the profile of this judge lower left in the photo of the full tree. To make his image clearer, I cut out his profile from the surrounding tree bark and placed him on a leaf background drawn from the trees of that area.

The Tree is located in Conway, NH – a scenic village in the heart of the White Mountains.

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