Wood Elf Beauty in Pink

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Wood Elf Beauty in Pink

This lovely wood elf beauty is dressed in the pink dawn light of the forest. She lives in an ancient tree located on an historic Colonial farmstead in Conway, NH. She is one of many elementals who keep the energy of the countryside healthy and prosperous. The elf’s elegant features and waved hairdo bespeak her royal standing in the local hierarchy.

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The beauty of this wood elf entrances me. She is so delicate and I love her wave of hair going up above her ear.

I wanted to highlight her natural, wise beauty and worked with the background of my portrait study in three ways – natural, with sunlight and with feminine pink.

Wood Elf Beauty Yellow

She is one of the leaders of the wood elves but when I tried to call her a princess, she objected. The wood elves don’t work that way, she explained. She is simply a member of a leading family in her community.

Wood Elf Beauty

Wood Elf Beauty Pink

This wise wood elf beauty lives in an old maple tree and she faces an elegant 19th century white wood farm house. She intrigues me for her gentle beauty and soft demeanor.

I’ve done a variety of portrait presentations of her over the years. The main product shown here is a study in pink. I’ve also done studies in yellow and on her natural green leaf background – and even paired her up with my friend the Greenman of Geneva. I thought they would make a wonderful couple!

Where the Wild Thyme Blows

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