Wolfman Guardian

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Wolfman Guardian

This Wolfman image shows he rests half in spirit and half in this dimension. He is one of the guardian energies for this section of a woodland path. He clearly wants to make sure walkers respect the area!

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The Wolfman is emerging from a nature area guardian tree, only half of him showing, signifying he exists half in spirit and half in this dimension.

Guardian Tree

This is a serious energy that is frightening to many folks. His intent is to make people behave when they walk through this area. He is an energy that says – if you have business here, enter. Otherwise, stay out!

This Wolfman is a guardian spirit who has chosen to anchor his energy in this tree (right). Should this tree be removed, he would simply move to another tree; he is not anchored to the tree, it is a marker that serves as his antenna. The cat and the deer are energies inherent to this particular tree. They are the gentle energies the Wolfman is protecting.

The tree lives beside a wood-chip path at Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL

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