Wolfman of Bucktoe Creek

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Wolfman of Bucktoe Creek

Strong yet kind and wise – a wolfman leaves his calling card in a black locust tree. Wolves are pack animals – they protect their own.

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Wolves are symbols for protection, family and friendship, loyalty, teamwork – qualities of great use for many people. This wolf spirit has taken up residence in a black locust tree who lives at the Bucktoe Creek PreserveChester County, PA next to the original homestead of that property. He is one of several spirits and images found in this special tree – all of whose images speak of the support by nature of the gentle man who once farmed this property.

Most humans don’t understand that all actions on a piece of property become anchored in the energetic grid of an area. Here the nature beings are seeking to help the property own and also to stabilize a healthy land situation. They have done so by calling into this Black Locust a number of energies, including that of the gnome and wolf, to strength, support and balance out the energy of this gentle location.

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Black Locust Tree

Existential Scream

Black Locust Gnome

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