Willow Tree Spirits

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Willow Tree Spirits

Willow trees are an emotional species and very compassionate towards all. They are strong with the power that comes from gentleness. This is an old and favorite willow tree in the Japanese Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden. How many compassionate spirit images can you find here?

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This tree is a featured landscape piece in the Japanese Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden. People stop to admire it, photograph it, and absorb its gentle compassion.

There are a number of images here of its own tree spirit. That is – these are images of its own very powerful, gentle caring spirit.  (As versus the situation sometimes found where other nature beings are inhabiting the tree or have created art in the tree.)

Willow Tree Spirit

In the Heart

The most powerful energy I felt when approaching this tree was a very strong caring heart. In the close up product photo on this page, you can see the willow face. In the middle of the face is a smaller face. It is here that the heart energy so strongly resides. In the small face and in the small mouth of the larger face, just below it.

The tree as a whole shows a nature spirit with arms open wide, embracing all (right). This tree is clearly loved by the caretakers at the garden. It is very old and has seen its share of fallen limbs and remedial surgeries. But it still goes on, with dignity and love.

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