Wild Thing

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Wild Thing

This happy “scary” nature spirit is permanently looking down to protect any children at play. There is an almost visual presence of proud pioneer mothers in long gowns resting on the cool stone bench while small children play nearby under this large tree….is this where Maurice Sendak got his ideas for his children’s book Where the Wild Things Are ?

More Information

This side lawn is located at the Adamson House, an old Spanish Revival mansion located along the Pacific Coast in Malibu, California.

Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak

The nature spirit reminds me of the happy stomping beasts in Where the Wild Things Are, a book by Maurice Sendak that was my energetic older son’s favorite read when he was a child.

Looking to the Pacific Ocean

Side Yard Adamson House

The Adamson home is built on property that was the last remaining portion of the Rancho Malibu Spanish Land Grant. This flat play area is to the right of the home and looks out over the Pacific Ocean. It would have made a wonderful site for childhood games and adult parties.

The Wild One tree is spread out, providing many arms of shade.

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