The Whistler

© Atala Dorothy Toy

The Whistler

Here’s a pudgy preppy in a short haircut – or an old-fashioned collegiate beanie – dressed in bow-tie and tuxedo and whistling to the music Pan is playing on his pipes elsewhere on this tree. I love the immense detail and good sense of humor the nature artist shows in this figure.


More Information

This image is part of a complex bas relief memorial to John Lennon that exists in Strawberry Fields, Central Park, NY. You can see the memorial in its total below.

He is an excellent example of the sophisticated technology of the nature beings, who craft in living wood by altering the cellular structure of the tree – no carving at all, such as humans would have done.

Other accessory images in the tree include a rabbit, a spirit bird and a gnome – all enjoying Pan’s playing of the pipes. Pan, with his long hair and beard, resembles John Lennon in his later years.

CLICK HERE to read an article about this tableau.

CLICK HERE to read more about the nature beings’ Strawberry Fields memorial to John Lennon.


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