Waterfall Grotto at Anderson Japanese Gardens

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Waterfall Grotto at Anderson Japanese Gardens

There are a great many spirit faces in the rocks at the Waterfall Grotto, Anderson Japanese Gardens, Rockford, Illinois. There is also one very large rock guardian, living permanently in the middle of the waterfall.

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This lovely waterfall grotto at the Anderson Japanese Gardens, Illinois, was created by humans and has attracted a small and happy community of nature spirits to take up residence. Notice their happy faces in the stones of the grotto. This is the best of human/nature cooperation!

Waterfalls Spirit at Japanese Garden

I especially like the large dominant rock spirit, located in the center of the falls. (right) The Guardian Spirit of the falls, he watches many people come and go every day.

I’ve noticed, with the rock spirits who live at waterfalls, that they are content to simply BE in the presence of such a continual and powerful natural force. There is a great deal of communication going on, in the constant streams of “information” from the life force beings in the water flowing by. The rock spirits are content to provide solidity and silence in such a constantly changing/ever the same situation.


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