Warrior Elf

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Warrior Elf

This is the marker tree for the local Warrior Elf Prince. His energy is anchored here while he himself travels his territory, taking care of business. He wears a feathered hood and can be seen as a young man and also as a seasoned warrior. Beneath his chin is a portal into his other dimensional world. It is a significant entry point and is guarded by himself and several portal guardians. A raven is on alert behind his head and his headdress can be seen as either a pointed hat or a protective bear head hood. A sophisticated, nuanced sculpting of multiple themes.

More Information

This tree with the image of an Warrior Elf Prince and his entourage is what the nature beings call a marker tree. A marker tree is the core address for a governing nature spirit. This is different from the marker tree alterations Native Americans made on trees, to serve as directional instructions.

This marker tree defines this geographic area as being under the protection of this Warrior Elf Prince. He has posted his image here as his grounding point or home. He roams throughout his territory, is aware of whatever needs his attention, and is there instantaneously. This location is like the central rod of an umbrella – it is the focal point and the umbrella extends out from it.

First Bridge Play

The Warrior Prince keeps a wonderful energy flow going at what is a favorite swimming hole for locals in North Conway, NH

Summer’s End

CLICK HERE to read about the complex issues this tree embodies, from nature realm politics to earth’s nodal energy grid organization.

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