Vision Quest Site | Garden of the Gods, Colorado

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Vision Quest Site | Garden of the Gods, Colorado

This is a Vision Quest site located at the Garden of the Gods, Colorado. The nature beings called me to visit this site, which at the time was only accessible by an unmarked dirt path leading off the main trail. They explained this is where Native Americans once travelled to perform the sacred vision quest. The youngest and strongest of the braves would climb to the flat rock, top right.

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The rock guardian of the site looks very friendly from the front – below left, with eyes looking to its right, indicating entry to a dark and tall vulva-shaped quest area. When seen from the other side – below right, the guardian looks totally different. There is a baptismal-type indent in his/her head, which collects rain water – a welcome treat for those on a quest.

I’ve photographed and written often about this site. Click on the images below to learn about them. An article on the site is available – click HERE

Guardian from front

Baptismal Font











Gnome, Indian, Warrior, Elf

Mountain lion in red rock heart

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