Vision Quest III | The Summit

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Vision Quest III | The Summit

This is the third stage of the vision quest journey – attaining the summit. This powerful 100 foot tall rock being watches over the vision quest process going on in the twisting paths that make up his body.

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At the end of your journey, you reach your goal, emerging at the top of the canyon. If this journey is done with reverence, you have walked the passages of life, and energetically dealt with the issues that attend your personal quest. You also discover you were never alone during this process. A close look at the cliff you face reveals the profile of the canyon Guardian – the cosmic energy that has overseen your journey upward through consciousness. The two of you share a view of the peaceful valley below. Parts of the route you just walked stand revealed while others are hidden from sight. You have now traversed the journey from womb to mastery of your own personal energy.

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