Vision Quest II | Walk Your Talk

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Vision Quest II | Walk Your Talk

This is the second stage of your vision quest journey – Walk Your Talk – keep going – birth that new vision for your own life! It may seem your path leads to a dead-end wall and you are going nowhere – but keep hope for there is actually a hidden path turning left, and you will continue on and up through gradually widening paths, arriving finally at the end of your journey, the scenic top of the canyon.

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You emerge into a steep-narrow walled canyon, a “birth canal” only large enough for one person to squeeze through and seeming to end at a blank wall. It’s here you start to birth your vision and determine to walk your talk. And just when it seems this road goes nowhere, and ends at a blank wall…an exit route appears to the left, and you can go on, climbing upwards along a single path varying between steep and gentle, and gradually widening along a rocky ascent that in more recent times acquired a wooden staircase.

This canyon is located at a vision quest site that very few hikers recognize. It is part of the Rim Rock Trail, Shawnee National Forest, Southern Illinois. Let’s take a journey to see what the nature realm has created.

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