Vineman at Longwood Gardens

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Vineman at Longwood Gardens

This happy small hook-nosed vineman lives the life of luxury, well-tended for in a bougainvillea vine at the Palm Court, Longwood Gardens.

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The nature beings at Longwood Gardens are very strong and powerful. The Gardens are renowned for their beauty and parts have been in existence since the 1700s. Over the generations, humans have assiduously focused on the plants and trees of the Gardens, and the atmosphere of total commitment to beauty and health permeates this whole area.

In the winter, people gravitate in to see the Conservatory, where plants bloom in spectacular color while outdoors all is the stark but beautiful winter skeletal look of bare branches.

This bougainvillea vine has been growing since the early 1900s and is one of many that wend around the columns of the Palm Court. The delight in the winding of the vines is as popular and the magenta flowers themselves.

This vineman grew over time, as gardeners trimmed small branches to maintain a delicate flow. I photographed him at Christmas, when the Conservatory is fully decked out in bright colors and everyone there is filled with the joy of being in nature on a cold grey day.

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