Viking Spirit

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Viking Spirit

Swedes settled the Geneva-St Charles area of Illinois. Viking pride runs deep in this area and has settled into many of the trees. Here’s a Viking image on a pioneer farmer’s land – now the LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve.

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Swedes were among the first European settlers of Geneva, Illinois. Pride in their Nordic heritage pervades the culture even today, as it does much of the Upper Midwest. Part of that heritage includes the adventurous Vikings. I’ve found Viking images in a number of trees in the Northern Illinois-Wisconsin area. Below is this nature spirit energy manifested in a mature oak tree on what was once a pioneer farm and is now the LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve

Viking Tree Long View

This tree lives at a major juncture point, leading into the woods then splitting into two major woodland paths. Notice, in the product photo, the Viking spirit’s warrior-honed lean facial muscles, horned helmet and long hair.

To the left is the official Viking mascot logo for Geneva High School. Amazing similarity…

To the right is the view of the tree as seen from the ascending path below him.

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