Two Buddies in a Cottonwood Tree

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Two Buddies in a Cottonwood Tree

A twined cottonwood tree contains a cottonwood “fluff” spirit left and a human settler right. These trees stand along a path at Chatfield Farms, Colorado, and represent, in the nature spirit realm, the pleasant cooperative spirit that long existed between the settling farmers and the local nature.


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I love this photo for the story of interdimensional cooperation that it embodies.

On the left are the small energies of the land – its sweetness and fluffiness and the cottonwood “fluff” of seeds that float through the air each spring and portend new growth. On the right is the human energy – a farmer, with mustache and beard, wearing a tall pointed hat with ear coverings such as was worn in the winter in pioneering days.

Tree Line at Chatfield Farm

These two energies would be of different sizes, if looked at from each of the worlds portrayed. The human would look small in the nature spirits’ world, and vice versa. But here both worlds are being respected and appreciated for their equal responsibility and effect in keeping this area strong and healthy.

Here I discovered the secret to the on-going beauty of Chatfield Farms… the respectful equality between two partners – nature and man – who have quietly and humbly loved and cared for this beautiful site.

These specific trees are placeholders. They are holding one of the main nodal points of a energy grid that covers the entire original Chatfield Farm. They are holding in place the respectful partnership of nature and man. Like any grid – if one or two anchor points are removed, the grid can continue on and if the nature spirits wish, they can transfer the anchor to another tree in the area. If many anchor points are removed (cut down or lost to storms), then the grid would weaken and dissolve. Perhaps a different type of a grid would take shape, with a different energy. We see this when housing replaces woods – the energies change.

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