Troll Wisewoman

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Troll Wisewoman

The text on this troll collage reads: ”Be sure to get my nose. I’m very proud of it,” the troll elder said. Her very prominent nose is a resonant device by which she travels and transforms matter for her inner earth community. “You look sad,” I said. “Not at all,” she replied, “Our troll existence is underground where it is dark, and this is what I am like – darkly quiet and thoughtful.”

More Information

It’s been my joy to have met a number of communicative trolls who have taught me a bit about their world and let me peak in. Shown here is one of my favorites. She lives at Morton Arboretum, Lisle, Illinois by the side of an auto road through the nature preserve. The two of us enjoy greeting each other and occasionally having a longer talk. It is she who explained to me how trolls use their large noses as sonic devices to travel through solid earth.

Trolls get a bad rap in American culture. They are actually wonderful friendly thoughtful a bit somber and wise in the ways of the inner earth. They don’t brook well with fools and rednecks who feel humans are the greatest thing going in this universe. Hence their reputation among some as grouchy and territorial.

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