Troll of Sieur de Monts

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Troll of Sieur de Monts

What a magnificent head of hair this happy troll is sporting! He lives at the edge of a gentle stream and is decked out in the gold flowing fronds of autumn ferns.

More Information

This troll is very happy with his bright head of autumn hair! He lives above a gentle stream at Sieur de Monts Nature Center, Acadia National Park, Maine. He’s admiring his reflection in the stream!

Birch Path in Fall

Sieur de Monts is a delicate, gentle area in an otherwise dramatic landscape. It is filled with birches, ferns and other gentle souls. Trolls are a much misunderstood species of nature spirits. They are large, bulbous and gentle by nature. They don’t move particularly quickly and are not inclined to give way to authoritative actions of humans. Be slow and gentle with them…and you have a good and faithful friend!

To the left is a birch path through Sieur de Monts. To the right is a troll I met who lives in Boulder, CO.

Boulder Troll

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