Tree Spirit Traffic Cop

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Tree Spirit Traffic Cop

Tree spirit with three position traffic light eye guards one-lane Smith’s Bridge over the Brandywine Creek, Wilmington, DE. He faces on-coming traffic that comes around a blind curve in the road.

More Information

This tree spirit has a psychic traffic light system at work. His left eye show the classic 3-hole design for cautioning people to stop, pause or go. He is energetically protecting the entrance to the one-lane covered bridge behind him. He faces a country road that has a descending blind curve that could encourage strangers to go too fast in a dangerous situation.

He guards Smith’s Bridge, originally built in 1839 and restructured several times since. It is one of only three historic covered bridges still in Delaware. This one-lane bridge spans the Brandywine Creek, which meanders through many historic sites in Pennsylvania and Delaware

Smiths Bridge was damaged in the flood of 2021. Bridge overlaid with texture of damaged wall.

To learn about this location and its extensive flood damage, CLICK HERE

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