Tree Spirit Collage

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Tree Spirit Collage

This is a fun photo in which I have overlaid this alpha tree with three exposed roots that circle its base. The roots form various parts of the human body.

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Sunset at the Alpha Tree

This Alpha Tree is the leader of the trees at Wheeler Park, Geneva, Illinois. He commands the highest point in the park and is formed of four cottonwood trees clustered together as one unit.

Around the tree’s base are earth portals formed from its root system and relating to three aspects of the humans whose activities have so affected life in the community park. There are eyes, a heart, and a base chakra form. I’ve overlaid them on the tree.

Cottonwood trees have heart-shaped leaves that rustle in the wind; it is said by Native Americans that they carry our prayers to the Great Spirit. To the right is a view of the tree at sunset.

I’ve written about this alpha tree. You can read the story HERE

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