The Three Wisemen and Their Camel

© Atala Dorothy Toy

The Three Wisemen and Their Camel

This Mt Lemmon HooDoo collection looks like the Biblical three Wisemen with their camel.

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Mt Lemmon Vista

These rock Wisemen are very tall, proudly majestical and over look an amazing landscape of mountains and valleys.

These types of stone formations were named HooDoos by early pioneers, who thought they looked magical like New Orleans VooDoo.

There are a lot of these stone sculptures throughout the Southwest. Arizona’s Mt. Lemmon – now a favorite ski area – has cascades of HooDoos up its steep and winding road.

The wind, the weather and a combination of rock spirits, nature spirits and interdimensional artists have formed various of these figures. Perhaps over hundreds of thousands of years. Perhaps over a short period of time, like the overnight formation of crop circles.

To the right is the view these three three wisemen have looked at for many centuries

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