Clearing Yourself with Tree Energy

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Clearing Yourself with Tree Energy

Three tones – bass, alto, soprano – define the energies of these sump holes, located in the woods next to three pine trees. The nature spirits showed this location to me one day when my nerves were especially raw and I needed soothing. They showed me how this is an energy-clearing site where I can stand in the negative sump hole vortex and drop negative energy then touch its nearby pine tree and fill with positive energy. I can do only one – or do the entire sequence of tones.

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I’ve taken a number of workshop groups to visit these trees and experience for themselves how people can work with nature’s many varied energies to create more positive and fulfilling lives. Positive and negative vortexes exist throughout nature, and can be a real help to you when you need it.

If you can’t travel into nature, or locate such a place, you can focus on this photograph and do this process remotely.

CLICK HERE to read more about clearing energy via trees.

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