The Treaty

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The Treaty

This is a formal portrait of leaders from two different realms who have made a peace treaty for their peoples. The portrait study represents the agreement. Left is a lion being and right is a horse being.

More Information

This Nature Spirit Tableau is the visual signature denoting the Peace Treaty between two groups who had fought over control of a piece of land. You see a lion being on the left and a horse being on the right.

The horse being’s group now rules while the lion being’s group is accorded rights of use.

The Two Leaders

The personalities and feelings of the two leaders are quite clear. The horse leader is an older, darker, sinister looking energy – one wouldn’t want to cross him! He wears the king’s crown and is grounded in the reality of his group being in charge.

The lion is younger and has a lighter energy. He and his group were the former “owners” of the area. They fought off the incursion, with many losses, and would have kept going but they were offered an acceptable treaty by the other group.

The lion is trying very hard to match the authority of the horse but doesn’t feel that bold inside himself. He looks noble, a good leader, but with some fear and insecurity beneath it all. A good leader who lost the battle and worked hard to get an acceptable (and hopefully accountable) treaty with the invaders.

There is a lot more that could be explored here. Such as the lion carved into living bark and the horse residing in the stripped bare trunk. And the other nature being faces and their emotions, also visible if one looks closely.

A Living Treaty

The energies of these two leaders have to live together in this tree. In the nature realm, the life forms will sometimes place their visual signatures in trees. In doing so, they place a portion of their own energy in that tree. It becomes a living energy of its own, connected to the pictured being. It doesn’t look like the lion being is too happy about this bonding!

This was a territorial issue that the two groups have resolved. It is also a marker tree denoting the start of the victor’s territory. The tree is located in a dark section of Heller Nature Center, Illinois. It is an area where I always shudder a bit when I pass through it on a walk.

All around this area the Midwest woodland is peaceful and content. But not in this one area. In this area, the energy is darker – like that of the horse being. There are a lot of twisted and fallen trees – not from weather issues – as though it was a battlefield in another dimension. There is an alternate current of sunlight and joy as in the rest of the area. But it has been overwhelmed.

A Piece of Reportorial Observation

On the day I took this photograph, I had decided to pay attention to the energy of this area, and why I was always so uncomfortable when passing through. The devas responded, directing me to take a photo of this portion of this tree.

It was a bright mid-day with the sun shining in mottled patterns through the summer leaves when I took this photo. The nature guides instructed me to take one photo, then told me no more. Looking at it now, it would seem this is because it was a piece of reportorial reporting of exposed emotions that would have been corrected if I lingered. Frankly, I didn’t really want to linger in this area anyway so I took the photo and walked on. To enable you to see the details of this peace treaty plaque more clearly, I have lightened it and darkened the rest of the tree.


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