The Scream

© Atala Dorothy Toy

The Scream

I found this expressive tree stump at a land division point in the Midwest woods. Is it a scream – or an invitation?

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In that magical separating line between worlds – that place where two energies come together – in that line between prairie and forest – I found this spirit living in an old tree stump.

The Scream – or An Invitation?

He has many moods inside him…Is this Munch’s The Scream in tree form, crying against his own existence? Is it a friendly tree spirit asking some birds to come nest? Is it a spirit cat, looking for a tasty, if psychic, meal of an unwary bird?

Is it all these emotions – just like humans have, mixed together inside themselves? Or is this just an old tree stump with a few holes in it?

What do you see?

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