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This powerful protector spirit also has a sense of humor and a natural elegance. He is a spirit messenger – his clearly missing right eye indicates that he carries messages between this world and that of spirit.



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Bull Pine – Long View

This noble protector – one of the Masked Elves – stands at the entry point to the residential area of my family’s vacation property in North Conway, New Hampshire.

He watches over the comings and going of life forms who wander through the property. The main stabilizing energy at the base is a noble, smiling princely figure. Next to him is his familiar.

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The Protector this year

My brother passed some years ago, and the Protector now shows his profound sorrow at the loss of his friend, land partner. The interaction of human and elf is currently quiet, and the elf has withdrawn – sad-eyed and with his facial armor pulled over his mouth, a sign of his current silence. It remains to be seen what will evolve next. You can read that story in my blog about Nature Beings Sorrow.



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