The Maestro

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The Maestro

A wonderful gift for a music lover. This is a portrait study by a skilled pine tree artist of Henry Kimball Hadley, the founding conductor of the famous Tanglewood Music Festival, held each summer in the Berskhires. The tree sits at the edge of the Great Lawn, and is where many human dreams were drawn forth from spirit to manifest as a world-renown venue.



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Tanglewood Story

Tanglewood is one of the country’s premier outdoor music festivals and began in the 1930s through the vision of conductor Henry Kimball Hadley and the support of benefactor Gertrude Robinson Smith.

Maestro in branch

This tree was inspired by the dreams of Hadley and Smith and manifested and grounded in its own body their aspirational energy. The tree was a partner in the grounding of the dream.


You can see, in my collage to left, how accurately the tree manifested the energies of the two founders.


Below is Hadley’s portrait in position on the long tree limb.


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