Sunrise at Spruce Burl Trail

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Sunrise at Spruce Burl Trail

One of my favorite images – the nature spirits at Spruce Burl Trail are just waking up. They all face the Pacific Ocean.

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Twilight at Spruce Burl Trail

The Spruce Burl Trail in the Olympic Peninsula has an awesome pregnant silence. It is one of millions of life forms busily at work in another dimension that sort of slides into our human one.

Many of the burls take on life forms of their own – faces that emerge from the deep shadows of the spruce forest. The forest is located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean and there is a heady combination of energies here – water and land, sun and shade, surf sound and tree silence.

The product photo shows sunrise in this spectacular location, and the tree burl spirits are just waking up. I especially enjoy the dapper fellow in the center, with his long hair and goatee.

To the right is twilight on the trail, and the spirits are becoming silent.

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