Summer with the Leprechauns by Tanis Helliwell

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Summer with the Leprechauns by Tanis Helliwell

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Summer with the Leprechauns is an authentic account of human being/nature being interactions. Much of what she has written about connecting with nature beings is in line with what I have experienced in my own communications. Her writing is so authentic that you are able to connect to the consciousness of these beings, which can be of great help for your own work.

Amazon summary: An astonishing true story about one woman’s journey to Ireland where she lived in a cottage with leprechauns. These seldom-seen beings taught her about the evolution of elementals—the race to which leprechauns, faeries, elves, trolls belong. They explained the importance of humans and elementals working together for the betterment of both of their races and the Earth.Far more than a faery tale, this book is a classic that has been published in eight languages. Now the author has re-edited her book so that the reader can hear the leprechaun’s voice in all his mischievous wisdom. You also learn about body elementals that keep you alive from lifetime to lifetime and about the beings in the center of the Earth who are helping our planet. And all this with a great sense of humor as Helliwell captures life in a remote Irish village with an insight into the people that is infectious.Tanis Helliwell, M.Ed., is the founder of The International Institute for Transformation (IIT). She has experienced and later worked with elementals, angels, and master teachers on other planes since childhood. Living on the sea coast north of Vancouver, Canada, she is the author of Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns, Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose, Embraced by Love, and Decoding Your Destiny: Keys to Humanity’s Spiritual Evolution. Visit

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