Spiral Petroglyph

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Spiral Petroglyph

This spiral petroglyph, representing the spiraling energy of existence, is believed to be over 1000 years old, chiseled into the rock of a high outcrop of stones by the ancient Hohokam people of Arizona.

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One of my favorite hiking areas is Signal Hill, an ancient Hohokam watch point located in what is now the Saguaro National Park West, just outside of Tucson, Arizona.

Seen here is the most famous of its many petroglyphs – a well-carved spiral. It is located at the top of the hill, on a pyramidal rock that mirrors the hills behind it.

A spiral is a core energy power symbol. Drawings of spirals on rocks and cave walls date back tens of thousands of years. They represent the unfurling of existence from a single point infinitely outward, and the steady control and movement of this energy by humans. It is such a core concept for the unfolding and control of energy that it is central to many disciplines even today. You can steady, cohere and control energy by focusing on an image of a spiral.

CLICK HERE to see more of the petroglyphs of Signal Hill.

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