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Spiderwoman moves stealthily through the woods of Franconia Notch, New Hampshire. Behind her is a grey spirit being…

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Franconia Notch State Park is one of the many scenic wonders of New Hampshire. This beautiful area is filled with waterfalls and scenic hikes through an undulating forest. The Flume (left) is one of its more well-known features. I discovered Spiderwoman along one of these paths. On her back – hard to see from this angle – she is carrying a group of baby spiders.  In the distance, there is a grey specter visible against the trees. He looks rather ominous! Spiderwomen are revered in many cultures as the spinners of fate – they fashion, spin and cut the life line of all human beings. They are the weavers of the fabric of life. CLICK HERE to see some other images of spider webs.


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