Sinister Beauty

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Sinister Beauty

This Sinister Beauty lived in St. Charles, IL. She came to life one fall season – both alluring and a bit frightening!

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The magnetic promises of darkness have been a mesmerizing energy for many in our country in recent years. Darkness has its own beauty. As we move into the dark winter months of the year, this is something to ponder.

This sinister beauty is a tree wound topped with an ornate fungal hat. Her smile whispers of delicious secrets and her eye is a portal beckoning us into some dark other world realm.

She leads us to ponder on the nature of darkness.

The Nature of Darkness

Darkness is sinister yet peaceful.  It generates chaotic energy then rotates into a silence-filled emptiness.

World faith traditions honor darkness as the gateway to spirit. World social and political structures inevitably cycle through periods of darkness, chaos and violence before committing to peaceful cooperation…until the next cycle begins.

It’s so easy to feel that any point on these cycles is permanent. But it isn’t. The cycle is also a spiral. Lessons learned at each point on the cycle become energetic markers which, when encountered the next time around, can help us move one direction or another – towards awareness or inconscience.

Darkness is one extreme in an eternal yin/yang movement of energy that requires our focused attention, as long as we stay within the realms of matter.

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