Shakespeare in Central Park

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Shakespeare in Central Park

Is that an image of Shakespeare looking out at us from the bottom image on this Central Park London Plane Tree? Then which character is it looking at us from above? This is one of my favorite trees in New York City’s Central Park. He/She lives next to the path that circles The Lake. Thousands walk by this tree each day. How many stop to say hello?

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The nature beings in New York City’s Central Park are robust and healthy. That’s because they are taking care of thousands of people each day, millions each year. Central Park is an oasis inside a city of concrete and steel and people come to the park to reconnect with nature. The other-than-human lifeforms in charge of the well-being of nature are extremely happy to have such admiration and appreciation, and they work hard to maintain nature’s healthy balance.

I find the trees especially interesting to photograph, for many seek to understand the humans around them and so form images related to the energies that have particularly interested them. The London Plane Trees are especially robust in the configurations of their trunk shapes. Here the bottom image is very Shakespearean in form. The top image looks like one of the comic characters in his plays. It makes one wonder who came by and spent some time beneath this tree. Perhaps an actor learning his lines?

This London Plane tree lives alongside The Lake, with its view of Bow Bridge.


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