Vision Quest I | In the Beginning

© Atala Dorothy Toy

Vision Quest I | In the Beginning

This is the first of three photos showing a Vision Quest journey. Here, at the start, you must pass through the vulva of the earth mother if you are to birth your vision. You must crouch down almost into fetal position if you are to proceed.


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This is the first of three photos covering major energy passage points at a vision quest site that very few hikers recognize. It is located at the Rim Rock Trail in Southern Illinois.

Native American tradition honors the vision quest. This is a journey to find your own specific purpose and path through life. This journey is frequently made to some significant energy spot. The earth contributes its own power to your personal search.

For contemporary Western mainstream society, this inter-relation between human and nature and cosmic patterns has long been lost. But as a society, we are slowly recovering our yearning for connection.

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